About us

The precision engineering company Aggregate und Sonderbau Kluge GmbH with its managing partner Holger Kluge from Schmallenberg in Sauerland develops innovative solutions for edge technology in trade and industry. Holger Kluge is the inventor of a new patent pending hot air unit and a patented nozzle assembly, which serve for the processing of 'laser edges' for optical zero joint. The system for seamless edge bonding was sold until the end of 2015 through a dealer and has caused a lot of furore in the market in terms of processing technology, price / performance and competition. In the meantime, many renowned manufacturers of edge banding machines have adapted the hot air technology and installed it in their systems. Under the name HIT (hot-air injection technology), Kluge has now developed a new air heater and a new nozzle technology. The new nozzle technology is protected by patent. A patent application is pending for the new air heater. HIT allows an edge height of up to 65 mm and feed rates of up to 30 m / min. without speed reduction of the machines. It is more efficient, more dynamic, easier to handle and much more attractive to purchase and maintain. The system is compact and can be retrofitted to existing edge banding machines and CNCs. Another well-known product from Kluge is the "KlugesStripesmagazin®", also known under the name "Edgeorganizer" from Ostermann.


Currently, Kluge has developed a mobile hand-edge banding machine with hot-air technology, which can also be used as a stationary device. Further products and innovations on the subject of edgebanding tailor-made for industry and trade have already been patented by Kluge and will be presented to the market in the foreseeable future. So that Kluge can continue to focus on production and use its extensive know-how in hot air technology for further innovations, a sales company was founded under the name "Kluge Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG", which markets the system solutions and technologies of Kluge national as well as internationally organized. Kluge has initiated the sales company in order to be able to serve and advise the market more quickly and in a more focused manner, placing customer orientation at the center of all activities. The strategic orientation of the newly founded company is now also aimed at the development of the craft market (carpenters, assembly carpenters), in which the zero-joint technology can be offered on the market due to lean structures at affordable prices. The employees of Kluge Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG have already been able to gather experience in woodworking for years, particularly with edge technology.